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Ajhandatdrek Kalonajh

Basic Phrases

Before learning the intricacies of Kalonese grammar, there are some phrases that occur in typical conversation that you will wish to learn.

Hello : Co (very informal) Coda (informal) Conada (formal) Coja (extraformal)

Goodbye : Cojagwa

How are you? : So sada ri?

(I'm) good / fine / bad : Salo / diyo / lanos (saca ri)

What's your name? : So nakej dalelku?

My name is (Vorte) : Calelku celcsenkej (Vorte)

How old are you : So na likvi dajhe?

I'm (?) years old : Cajhe (?) likvi

Where do you live? : So jhales dadien?

I live in (Scotland) : Cadien (skotjhales)

How do you say ... in Kalonese? : So na kalonajhle lejhki ...?

Do you speak (English)? : Daskors (eneclajh) nalejh?

What's the time? : So na svur voc sa?

It's (8 o'clock) : Svur sa (aike) voc

It's (ten past 8) : Svur sa (aike des) voc

What date is it? : So na svesi sa?

It's the (1st of January) : Sa (natlijhe nasvesi).

Yes : (Diy)o

No : (Diy)on