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Ajhandatdrek Kalonajh


English Kalonese   English Kalonese
to ..   in ..
for ..   on .. ..esjo
by ..   into .. ..dur
of .. ..kele   at .. ..esjo
from .. ..le   onto .. ..dur
English Kalonese   English Kalonese
up ve   backward le
down vone   over ret
left cvilu   under vot
right krav   through tkus
forward ke   away jhor

In Kalonese, the adjective always comes after the noun, as a separate word. However, as the dative, it is combined into one word, with the adjective coming before the noun and the preposition coming after the entire word.


Black Metal : Dalikva Tvojh

To listen to Black Metal : Tvojhdalikvake narkri

Deathly place : Jhal Kormak

To live in a deathly place : Kormakjhales nadien