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Ajhandatdrek Kalonajh


When learning any language, it is important to be able to pronounce the phonetic symbols, whether they be letters or pictorial symbols. For learners of Kalonese already familiar with the Roman alphabet, this is easy, although there are some discrepancies which should be noted.

The Kalonese alphabet consists of 22 letters, and is as follows:

Kalonese Letter

Sound Use
a "ah" as in "cat", never as in "made" atvre (story)
c "c" in "emetic", never "city" nor "crisis" cvilu (left)
d "d" as in "dark" dagra (sword)
e Either "e" in "end" or in "ante" ernokji (music)
g Like "ch" in Bach, but softer gavri (please)


n'nek (alone)
i "e" as in "evil" ivdaka (shop)
j Like the "g" in "digit" jetem (thing)
jh "ch" as in "chime" jhavca (small)
k Like "c" in "crisis", but harsher kanayov (people)
l "l" as in "symbol" lesk (here)
m "m" as in "mortal" moknor (darkness)
n "n" as in "even" ninvil (colour)
o "o" as in "con" or in "zone" orulvna ri (to be bored)
p "p" as in "pro" pirnev (house)
r Like last "r" in "roar", never rolled rota (accusation)
s "s" as in "soccer" sarilse (happy)
t Like "t" as in "time", but softer teve (cat)
u Like "oo" in "pool" tkus (through)
v "v" as in "five" veled (arm)
w Condensed Kalonese "g" and "u" jagwa (spirit)
y "y" as in "yet" ya (he)

* When placed between two consonants, the letter ' (pronounced: Heht) detracts from the sound of the first and creates a vocal space between the two. When placed between a consonant and a vowel, shorten the sound of the vowel, for example, "k'u" is pronounced "kuh" rather than "koo". When placed between two vowels, the first vowel is ignored.

Note also that when the letter "s" and the letter "jh" are placed together, they produce a flowing sound like the German "sch".