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Ajhandatdrek Kalonajh


Telling the time, whether by hour, day, month, or year, is much easier in Kalonese than it is in most languages. To ask the question, "What's the time?", use one of the following forms:

(Hour) So na svur voc sa?

(Day) So na svesi sa?

(Month) So na tlijhe sa?

(Year) So na likvi sa?

To answer the question for the hour form, use:

Svur sa (hour minute) voc.

For any other question, answer:

Sa (year month day)

To form the name of the year, month or day, attach the number of the year, month or day - for example, January would be Month 1 - as a prefix. The words for year, month or day, if you haven't guessed, are likvi, tlijhe and svesi respectively. Here are some examples:

It is the 13th of November, 2003 - Sa dijhiltrolikvi desinatlijhe desitrosvesi.

NB - For more information on numbers, look to the NUMBERS section.