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Ajhandatdrek Kalonajh

Verbs - The Present Tense

The present infinitive of a verb follows this structure : Na + verb stem.

To form the present tense of most Kalonese verbs, remove the "na" and replace it with the appropriate subject pronoun from the following list.

To … Na…   To … Na…
           Singular                 Plural  
I ca   we cada
you da   you d'da
he ya   they (m) yada
she kion   they (f) koda
it     they da

In any case where the verb ending starts with "j", remove the first a after the apostrophé and if the ending starts with "da" or "de", remove the "da" from the subject pronoun (both from second person plural).

Here are some examples of how this works:

To be Nasa   To have Najhe   To live Nadien   To go Nali
Singular Plural   Singular Plural   Singular Plural   Singular Plural
casa cadasa   cajhe cadajhe   cadien cadadien   cali cadali
dasa d'dasa   dajhe d'djhe   dadien d'dadien   dali d'dali
yasa yadasa   yajhe yadajhe   yadien yadadien   yali yadali
kionsa kodasa   kionjhe kodajhe   kiondien kodadien   kionli kodali
sa dasa   jhe dajhe   dien dadien   li dali
To kill Najage   To do Nalajh   To come Najhal   To eat Nadejh
Singular Plural   Singular Plural   Singular Plural   Singular Plural
cajage cadajage   calajh cadalajh   cajhal cadajhal   cadejh cadadejh
dajage d'djage   dalajh d'dalajh   dajhal d'djhal   dadejh d'dejh
yajage yadajage   yalajh yadalajh   yajhal yadajhal   yadejh yadadejh
kionjage kodajage   kionlajh kodalajh   kionjhal kodajhal   kiondejh kodadejh
jage dajage   lajh dalajh   jhal dajhal   dejh dadejh